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Colourful key rings


by Panduro

Colourful key rings

Colourful key rings

How to instructions

  • 1

    Roll small pieces of clay

  • 2

    Flatten them and make a small hole

  • 3

    Let dry overnight

  • 4

    Attach nylon thread to the key rings and string on the balls

  • 5

    Finish with a knot

Make your keychain a little more cheerful with fun key rings in fabulous colours. Use air-drying clay and colourful nylon thread. METHOD: Roll small clay balls in different sizes from small to large. Flatten them somewhat and make a hole, carefully so you don't break them (a sugarpaste tool is perfect for making holes). Let the balls/beads dry overnight. Attach nylon thread to the key rings and thread on the balls. Mix and match with different colours; you can string on the different sizes to create a cone-like shape. Finish with a large knot to hold the balls in place.

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