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Confirmation invitations


by Panduro

Confirmation invitations

Confirmation invitations

How to instructions

Make your own confirmation invitations. We have six cut-out sheets with various themes that you can use to personalise your cards. Here, we used the "Youth" cut-out sheet. Start with a black card kit and attach a design sheet (145x145 mm). Decorate with two tags (one is from the cut-out sheet; we cut out the black one ourselves from a black sheet, using the first one as a template), make a hole and insert a piece of black string. Mount these with double-sided tape. Take a cut-out (Invitation) and attach to a gold sheet, cut out with a 3 mm border and repeat with a piece of black paper to create a stylish black frame. Mount the "group" on the card with double-sided tape. Decorate with a flower and a rhinestone. Attach everything with materials from our tape kit. Matching Colour is a series with loads of lovely accessories for mixing and matching. The series includes design sheets, cards & envelopes, rhinestones, flowers etc. If you choose pink, for example, you can be sure that everything in the series will be the same shade.

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