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Construct a hanging chair


by Panduro

Construct a hanging chair

Construct a hanging chair

How to instructions

  • 1

    Saw the legs off a stickback chair.

  • 2

    Drill 4 large holes in the corners of the seat and 2 holes at the top of the backrest. Bear in mind that the holes must be large enough to take the rope you will be using to suspend the chair.

  • 3

    Rub with sandpaper to smooth the edges and remove any irregularities. Clean the chair and leave it to dry.

  • 4

    Coat the chair and four large wooden balls in Vintage Outdoor Paint. We mixed white into the pink shade to make a pale pink. Apply a thin coat of paint using a wide, flat paintbrush. Leave to dry for 1 hour. Then apply a second coat and leave to dry. You can apply a coat of protective varnish for extended durability.

  • 5

    Thread thick rope through the holes for suspension. Thread the balls under the seat and secure with knots.

  • 6

    Leave your assembled hanging chair to dry indoors for 24 hours before hanging it up outdoors.

  • 7

    Try hanging your swing seat in a tree or from a beam.

Craft a happy hangout with a hip hanging chair! We recycled an ordinary wooden chair, transforming it into the sweetest swing. The hanging chair is ideal as decor for outdoor parties or to display on your patio, or in your garden in spring and summer.

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