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Cosy tenting at home


by Panduro

Cosy tenting at home

Cosy tenting at home

How to instructions

  • 1

    Start by washing the tent at 40 °C

  • 2

    Next, dye it using 2 packs of Dylon machine dye, in the washing machine

  • 3

    Air dry, fix and iron out any wrinkles

  • 4

    Cut buntings from nice fabrics and craft paper

  • 5

    Fill the tent with soft cushions

Make a hideaway for your little ones at home - install a Tipi tent! A great way of stimulating children's imagination and active play. This tent was dyed a soft shade of blue (China Blue) and decked out with soft cushions in matching colours to make it even more inviting. The tie-dye style blue colouration was achieved due to the fabric type and size. Buntings from the top of the tent add that festive finish! Our terrific Tipi tent is perfect for quiet time-out and boisterous play, and your little ones will have plenty of space, as the tent top is 155 cm high. With a bit of luck, grown-ups may get invited in to read a story aloud inside the hideaway. The tenting is made of white canvas and is ideal to recolour using fabric dye. Full instructions for fabric dyeing are included in the dye pack. We used Dylon fabric dye.

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