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Crêpe flowers


by Panduro

Crêpe flowers

Crêpe flowers

How to instructions

Make flowers for your home; they're a gorgeous addition to the tablescape, for example FLOWER WITH POINTY PETALS: Cut two pink pieces of paper, approx. 60 cm long, split in half horizontally. You now have 4 pieces. Place the sheets on top of one another. Cut a white piece the same way and use one; cut to be slightly narrower and cut approx. 1 cm wide fringe about 1/3 of the way in from both long sides. Place it on top of the pink pile. Then fold everything together with 2 cm folds, accordion-style. You can now shape the pink petals by cutting the fringe into points (about 1/4 in for the ends). Tie a thick piece of string around the middle of the accordion and unfold the "petals and pistils". Carefully pull out layer by layer so the flower takes shape. Tip! Pull the paper from close to the base rather than the tip and it will hold better. Cut the green leaves however you like. WRINKLED FLOWER: If you want a chrysanthemum-like flower (like the one to the right), cut all pieces using the method for the white paper for the pistils.

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