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Craft a creepy spider crown


by Panduro

Craft a creepy spider crown

Craft a creepy spider crown

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut two 1-cm wide strips of black glittery craft rubber.

  • 2

    Glue the craft rubber strips to a longer strip.

  • 3

    Measure the circumference for your crown and trim off the excess. Glue the ends together.

  • 4

    Secure the first spider to the crown by gluing the two rear legs to the inside of the craft rubber.

  • 5

    Glue the next spider to both the craft rubber and the spider on the inside. Repeat all the way around the crown.

Dress up as the queen of screams for Halloween in a creepy spider crown! Use a glue gun and materials from the Giant Spooky Halloween Box to create a stylish All Hallows' Eve crown decked out in creepy-crawlies. We recommend using a glue gun, as the hot glue bonds easily and fast. Bear in mind that the gun tip gets very hot, so take care.

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