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Craft a little elf world


by Panduro

Craft a little elf world

Craft a little elf world

How to instructions

  • 1

    Paint the veranda with Hobbylack paint. If you want the tree to look stained, you can dilute the paint with a little water first and then brush it on. Let dry.

  • 2

    Decorate around the veranda with sticks, twigs and pine cones.

  • 3

    Place moss on the roof and decorate with little mushrooms.

  • 4

    Dress up the mice in their pre-made holiday finest. One mouse could even dress up like Santa with a hat, beard and glasses.

  • 5

    Attach a little wreath to the elf door and hang a light strand around the entrance. You can also use string lights to illuminate the area inside the door with a welcoming glow.

  • 6

    Hang up a Christmas stocking. Write little notes, roll them up and place them in the stocking.

  • 7

    Fold little paper cut-out Christmas gifts for Santa to bring on Christmas Eve.

Nothing spreads festive cheer quite like a little elf world for Christmas! The Christmas mice are decorating as they wait with anticipation for Santa’s arrival! Make your own little Christmas landscape with an elf door, lights, and adorable little wool mice. You can place little surprises for the children in the veranda with the elf door throughout December, like an Advent calendar. It will make the wait for Christmas Eve feel much shorter.

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