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Craft a simple Easter chick


by Panduro

Craft a simple Easter chick

Craft a simple Easter chick

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cover the stick with yellow Pearl Dough. Let the dough dry.

  • 2

    Glue yellow feathers to the back. You can also wrap on feathers using the thin steel wire to which the feathers are attached.

  • 3

    Fold a piece of orange paper in half. Cut out a triangle so that you have a double-folded beak.

  • 4

    Glue on the beak and eyes. Your chick is complete!

A lolly stick and a little clay are easily transformed into a cheerful chick! This adorable Easter craft is also fun for younger children. Use a lolly stick that you have at home or find flat wooden sticks from us. We have used Pearl Dough, a soft and malleable dough that is self-drying. Keep in mind that the tip of the hot glue gun and the glue get very hot, so an adult should help with that step.

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