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Create a schedule in a black bujo


by Panduro

Create a schedule in a black bujo

Create a schedule in a black bujo

How to instructions

  • 1

    Use a black dotted journal to make your own personal bullet journal.

  • 2

    Prepare a weekly log on one page and fill in your schedule as the week progresses.

  • 3

    Start out by pencilling in important dates and other essential information, to make sure its all correct.

  • 4

    Then colour in your schedule with permanent markers in pretty metallic colours.

  • 5

    Write an encouraging message to yourself on the other page, and draw anything you like!

A bullet journal ("bujo") makes it easy to plan and organise your life. Bullet journaling is a concept that lets you combine a personal diary planner, artwork doodles and design all in one notebook. It's called a bullet journal after the term bullet lists. This black notebook makes it easy to get started, because it has subtly dotted pages to help guide your writing and sketches. White ink and gold and silver pens create an awesome contrast on the black paper. Use a double-page spread for 'weeklies' where you can plan the week ahead so you can keep track of to-dos and book the week's appointments and events.

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