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Create fabulous feather ornaments


by Panduro

Create fabulous feather ornaments

Create fabulous feather ornaments

How to instructions

  • 1

    Shape a ring or spiral from a piece of gold-coloured aluminium wire. Use round-nose pliers to shape the wire and then cut with wire cutters.

  • 2

    Cut slightly smaller pieces of feathers.

  • 3

    Wrap coloured steel wire around the stem of the feather and make a small loop in the steel wire at the top.

  • 4

    Hang the loop, to which the feather is attached, on the ring or spiral that you shaped previously.

  • 5

    Attach a piece of beautiful satin ribbon as a hanger.

Make the most beautiful Easter decoration with aluminium wire and feathers! These charming ornaments are easy to make and will look so lovely in the Easter tree, or perhaps as decorations with the napkins on the Easter table.

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