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Creative Letters


by Panduro

Creative Letters

Creative Letters

How to instructions

Words, names, and letters are popping up in all the interior design magazines. We don't think it's weird at all; it looks fabulous! Here, we'll show you a simple technique that anyone can do - Creative Letters. We used a Watercolour Canvas as a base, we drew with waterproof Drawing Pens, and we painted with watercolours. To begin, draw guidelines for your text. Write the words on these lines; you choose whether to have big or small letters (or a combination). Decorate the letters with spots, wave patterns, swirls, hearts or anything else you can think of. It can also look pretty to draw small decorations next to the letters. Let dry for at least a few hours. Then paint over the text with watercolours (dilute with water). Go ahead and paint different areas with different colours; a mottled, irregular look is just fine. Leave to dry. Once you get started, it's hard to stop - discover the joy!