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Cute ceramic clay pots


by Panduro

Cute ceramic clay pots

Cute ceramic clay pots

How to instructions

Adorable storage for jewellery, keys and other important little objects. The pots/bowls are not suitable for water or food. METHOD: Use your thumbs to shape the bowls from a lump of clay (ceramic/marine clay 741096), and shape the ears and nose as you shape the figure. Alternatively, make the eyes and nose separately and attach with a slip. Make the eyes with a loop tool (ceramics tool 514329). After firing the clay, I sprayed it with grey Chalky Spray (371238) and some white (371230) on the nose and eyes. The tips of the noses are coloured with a black porcelain pen (249204). Make the fur lines with a silver porcelain pen (249215) and the white spots with porcelain paint (249043). Apply the dots with a cotton bud. Remember that marine clay is fired at a high heat, 980-1,030°C. "Slip" = a thick paste: Crush up bone-dry clay, add water to cover and wait. After a moment, stir it up and now you have slip. Adjust the thickness with more or less water. Use it to "glue" pieces of clay, for example to fasten a handle to a mug.

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