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by Panduro

Cute egg cups

Cute egg cups

How to instructions

  • 1

    Knead a lump of clay and roll it into a ball. Gently press the ball against the table to flatten the base.

  • 2

    Model a hole at the centre. Try placing a boiled egg in the hole to check the size is right.

  • 3

    Squeeze the clay up and outwards at the front so you can model and carve the ears to shape. Sculpt the front to make a nose. When your egg cup is nice and smooth, leave to air dry.

  • 4

    Tip! If the clay starts drying before you are done, dip your fingers in water to moisten the surface.

  • 5

    When your egg cup has finished air-drying, you can gently smooth the clay using sandpaper. Paint on eyes and other features using craft gloss paint. Apply Oceanlack Varnish all over to seal.

Animal-shaped egg cups are fun and easy to model from clay. Here we crafted cute little bunnies. Adorable decor for displaying painted eggs. NOTE! Bear in mind that air-dry clay sculptures are not dishwasher-safe; to clean them, cloth-wipe only.

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