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Cute little trinket boxes


by Panduro

Cute little trinket boxes

Cute little trinket boxes

How to instructions

  • 1

    Roll the clay flat, about 4 mm

  • 2

    Use a glass to punch out two circles

  • 3

    Then cut out a strip and attach it to one circle as the rim of the box

  • 4

    Decorate the other circle as a lid with eyes and mouth + a nose for the handle

  • 5

    Let dry overnight

You can make these sweet little boxes with our air-drying Panduro Soft Dough. Panduro Soft Dough is a very soft clay that can be used by children from 3 years. You will need a rolling pin, a glass and a cutting tool. Roll small balls of clay and flatten them with your finger to make eyes and cheeks. Roll the mouth like a little sausage and make the nose a little bigger so that it can be used as a handle. Attach the parts by pressing them on with your fingers. The clay is self-hardening, so when you're done, simply put away what you've made and allow it to air dry. NOTE! Dry the lid and box separately! The clay is sold in a 4-pack with four vibrant colours and is supplied in practical plastic containers with tightly stealing lids.

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