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Decorate a cake


by Panduro

Decorate a cake

Decorate a cake

How to instructions

  • 1

    Prepare a batch of frosting using the recipe of your choice.

  • 2

    Divide the frosting into 5 bowls.

  • 3

    Add gel food colouring in a different colour to each bowl. Begin with just a little food colouring and add more as you go if you want the shade to be stronger.

  • 4

    Snip off the tip of a piping bag and insert a piping tip.

  • 5

    Use different tips for the different colours and pipe from the middle outwards.

Bake a wonderful summer cake! With frosting in lots of shades and piping tips in different shapes and sizes, you can make a beautifully decorated, colourful cake. Pipe large and small flowers, preferably at different levels and across surfaces that you've already frosted. The result will look like shells or coral. Remember to hold the tip close to the cake while piping, so that you can guide where the frosting goes. Pipe by pressing one hand over the filled piping bag and guiding with the other hand lower down on the bag.

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