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Decorate Easter eggs with rocaille beads


by Panduro

Decorate Easter eggs with rocaille beads

Decorate Easter eggs with rocaille beads

How to instructions

  • 1

    Thread rocailles onto beading thread using a beading needle. Keep adding beads until you have a long chain of beads on your thread.

  • 2

    Apply a thin strip of glue all the way around the wooden egg and hang it up to dry for five minutes until the glue has set slightly.

  • 3

    Wrap the chain of beads around the egg so it sticks to the glue. Leave to dry completely.

  • 4

    Repeat for the very top of the ornament.

  • 5

    Decorate more eggs in the same way.

These beautiful rocaille seed beads are made of glass and can be used for making all kinds, from jewellery to Easter decorations. We glued rocailles in Easter-themed colours around wooden eggs of various sizes. Use beads in shades of the same colour or mix different colours for a rainbow effect. Whatever your colourway, the result will be dazzling Easter eggs with a touch of luxury.

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