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Decorate with pine cones


by Panduro

Decorate with pine cones

Decorate with pine cones

How to instructions

We love Christmas decorations and just can't get enough! Here are some tips on what you can make with pine cones. Pine cones are incredibly beautiful and can be elevated even further with a sprinkling of snow and glitter. You can apply glitter in many different forms, including spray and loose glitter. If you use loose glitter, first apply varnish to the pine cone wherever you want the glitter to adhere. Brush with Oceanlack, sprinkle with glitter and let dry. Glitter spray is easier, but loose glitter comes in loads of different colours. You can also apply snow in two different ways: with a spray or paint. Dot white paint with the tip of a brush onto the scales, or spray if you prefer. When the pine cone is dry, tie on a ribbon (and maybe some greenery) and hang it up. If you aren't able to get out into the forest to collect your own pine cones, you can find them in our assortment. See which materials we used below.