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by Panduro

Decorate with yarn candy canes

Decorate with yarn candy canes

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut 6 pieces of white Chunky Cotton yarn, 28 cm each.

  • 2

    Place all of the pieces of yarn together with a piece of floral wire.

  • 3

    Take a piece of colourful cotton yarn and place it edge-to-edge with the upper ends of the pieces of Chunky Cotton yarn. Make a long loop with the colourful yarn that runs all the way down, edge to edge, to the lower ends of the Chunky Cotton yarn.

  • 4

    Now wrap the colourful cotton yarn from the top and down. Start about 3 cm down. Wrap the yarn tightly around its own long loop, the 6 pieces of string, and the floral wire. Wrap until about 3 cm remain to the lower ends of the white yarn and the last bit of the loop.

  • 5

    Trim the colourful yarn and thread the end through the loop. Carefully pull on the other end of the colourful yarn at the top, until the loop and the end of the yarn are pulled in under the wrapped yarn.

  • 6

    Thread a needle with a piece of gold embroidery thread. Insert the needle about 2 cm from the lower edge of the wrapped yarn, so that the point comes out at the bottom. Carefully pull on the gold thread until the end is covered inside of the yarn. Wrap the gold thread, as seen in the picture, to the other end. Insert the needle at the top edge of the wrapped yarn and out about 2 cm down. Trim the thread.

  • 7

    Bend one end of the yarn into a cane.

  • 8

    Comb out the threads with a dense comb and trim the ends.

  • 9

    If you like, attach a piece of gold thread as a hanger at the top of the curve.

Make adorable candy canes to hang up in the tree! And of course, they would also make beautiful decorations on gifts. By wrapping the yarn around metal wire, it is easy to give the cane a nice curve. As a finishing touch, wrap with a shimmering piece of gold thread. A beautiful, simple and fun Christmas craft!

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