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by Panduro

Demonic ringmaster costume

Demonic ringmaster costume

How to instructions

  • 1

    Begin by applying regular makeup as a foundation.

  • 2

    Paint points above and below the eyes with black face paint and a makeup brush. Paint little balls at the points and paint the eyebrows black. Apply red balls on top of the black balls, and brush with red glitter gel.

  • 3

    Apply false lashes.

  • 4

    Paint lips red, and paint white teeth far out onto the cheeks in a wide grin. Paint a black, teardrop-shaped nose and leave a circle in the middle unpainted. Paint the circle red and brush with red glitter gel.

  • 5

    Paint a white and red collar of circus stripes on the neck. Brush red glitter gel on the red paint.

  • 6

    Comb back the hair and spray with white hairspray, until it looks completely dusty.

  • 7

    Finish the look with a black waistcoat and a rather charming circus hat, see instructions below.

Welcome to the circus ... if you dare! Allow us to introduce our terrifyingly charming ringmaster, who is guaranteed to present a ghastly good time. With a striking face painting, loads of dusty white hair spray and a stately top hat, you can transform into a scary circus star in no time at all.

To make a hat:
1. Spray paint a headband red and let dry.
2. Cut out a circle of red, glittery craft rubber, 12 cm in diameter. We used a small bowl as a template.
3. Cut out a semicircle with a semicircle in the middle, forming a 7 cm strip. (Tip! Make a template on paper first, before cutting the craft rubber.)
4. Overlap the ends of the strip and glue them together, forming a conical hat. Glue the cone to the circle.
5. Cut out a circle to fit on top of the hat. We used a glass as a template.
6. Wrap a piece of gold string a few times around the seam at the top and at the base. Glue the string in place as you wrap it.
7. Attach a narrow strip of craft rubber to the front of the hat and wind a piece of gold string on top of it.
8. Fold an 8 cm wide piece of red tulle together a few times and tie into a bow with a narrow strip of tulle. Glue the bow to one side of the hat and a spider to the other.