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Design your own cushion cover


by Panduro

Design your own cushion cover

Design your own cushion cover

How to instructions

Do you want cushions that no one else has? Draw your own patterns and designs with fabric pens. Place a piece of plastic inside the cushion cover so the dye does not go through to the other side. Draw, doodle (scribble patterns) or write. The patterns can be abstract and simple; they don't have to be complicated and difficult to make. Many fabric pens are most visible on light fabrics and do not need to be fixed. Read the instructions for the pens you choose. IN THE PICTURE: Here, we drew patterns with fabric pens and also dyed the cushion covers with various techniques - Tie-Dye (shorter fixing time for lighter colours), Palett fabric spray paint (spray on wet fabric for graduated colour) and Dylon fabric paint (use less paint for lighter colour).

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