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by Panduro

DIY paper flowers

DIY paper flowers

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    Cut a 5x5 cm square of yellow crêpe paper. Wrap the paper square around a spun cotton ball on a metal wire. Secure the paper using fine floral wire under the ball. Next, wind the ball’s metal wire tightly around one end of a 20 cm length of green floral wire, to make a long stalk. Wrap the stalk in floral tape. Draw a white cross on the yellow crêpe paper covering the ball.

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    Now cut a 5x15 cm length of white crêpe paper and the same in yellow paper. Glue the white and yellow lengths together and leave them to dry. Attach double-sided tape to one long side of the glued paper. Snip long skinny fringing (3 mm wide) along the other long side, all the way down to the tape. Roll each fringe strip between your fingers to turn them all into skinny, crinkly flower stamens. Wrap the tape around the underside of the ball on the floral wire, so the stamens stand up around it. Dab glue on the tops of the stamens and then dip them in transparent seed beads. You’ve now made the centre of the flower.

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    Now cut 8 large rounded flower petals out of crêpe paper to make a poppy or peony. Roll up each petal and then unroll it again. Gently crumple the petals a bit and then glue them so they overlap on the underside of the flower centre.

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    Vary the look of your flowers by trimming slim, pointy petals for dog daisies, frilly petals for carnations, and long, rounded petals to overlap for rose blooms. You can make any garden flower, exotic bloom or fantasy blossom you fancy by adjusting the colour, size, flower center, pistills, petals and so on.

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    You can also cut leaves out of green crêpe paper and tape or glue them to the stalk.

Flowers that won’t wither or wilt may seem too good to be true, but can actually be crafted from crêpe paper! The best thing about DIY paper flowers is that you get to decide just what your dream bouquet is going to look like. Paper flowers are sure to last for a whole celebration and all summer long whether in a posy, bouquet or floral crown.

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