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Doodle on everything!


by Panduro

Doodle on everything!

Doodle on everything!

How to instructions

Doodling is like "phone scribbling": You know - when you randomly doodle while talking on the phone. There are no rules for how it should look. You can draw dots, circles, stripes, zigzags and more. TIP: Start by dividing the surface into different fields. Doodle in each field individually and let the pattern emerge. You can doodle on almost everything: card, canvases, ceramic pots, porcelain, fabric shoes and much, much more. Which pen you use depends on the surface.
CARD LETTER: Divide into fields and doodle with a black Drawing Pen.
SHOES: Doodle on fabric sneakers with a fabric pen. Let dry, done! Our fabric pens (see below) need to be fixed!
JEWELLERY: Doodle on a ceramic pendant with a black porcelain pen. Harden the paint in the oven at 160°C for 90 minutes.

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