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by Panduro

Dripping patterns

Dripping patterns

How to instructions

  • 1

    Combine acrylic paint with water

  • 2

    Blend different colours in different containers

  • 3

    Pour one colour in a big pool in the middle of the canvas

  • 4

    Repeat with each colour

  • 5

    Tilt the canvas this way and that so that the paint drips and forms a pattern

Make beautiful patterns for decorating your home using acrylic paint. To make stylish pictures like these ones, you will need a canvas and Panduro Acrylic paint. To make the pictures shown: Cover your work top with plastic sheeting; this technique can be messy! Dilute Panduro Acrylic matt with water in a plastic disposable cup to a drinking yoghurt consistency. Dilute different colours in different cups. Start by pouring one of the colours in a large pool in the centre of the canvas. Then pour another colour over the first one. Tilt the canvas in different directions so the paint runs and forms a pattern. Once you are happy with the result, prop the canvas on wooden blocks or similar and let the paint dry.

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