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Easter cupcakes


by Panduro

Easter cupcakes

Easter cupcakes

How to instructions

  • 1

    Mix the buttercream according to the instructions on the package and then let rest

  • 2

    While the buttercream is resting, make the cupcakes according to the recipe

  • 3

    Finish the buttercream. If you want to make different colours, split the buttercream into different bowls. For that perfect shade of piggy pink, blend a touch of gold into the pink gel food colouring. Start with just the tiniest bit of gel food colouring and add more as you go. To make orange, blend red and yellow gel food colouring

  • 4

    When your cupcakes are cool, fill the piping bags with buttercream and pipe on top

  • 5

    Make the wings, snout, ears and more with sugarpaste. Roll out sugarpaste, cut out the shapes of your choice and turn your cupcakes into little animals or whatever you like. Last, add sugar eyes and sprinkles if you like.

Making cupcakes is the perfect activity to do with the kids; it's both fun and just the right level of challenging. Pre-made baking mixes make it super easy to succeed and you will have more time left over for the funnest part: decorating! Our Easter cupcakes are decorated with piped buttercream, sugarpaste, sugar eyes and sprinkles.

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