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Elegant wedding card


by Panduro

Elegant wedding card

Elegant wedding card

How to instructions

With the Elegance series, it is easy to create elegant cards for every occasion. Here, we made a wedding card. The decoration on the card may look difficult, but in fact it's easy. Punch out 8 hearts from the cream-coloured paper and sweep the edges with a gold stamp on both sides. Then fold in the edges of the hearts on both sides so they meet. For best results, each heart should be 45° (if you do not have a protractor, then use an A4 sheet and fold one corner to the middle; this will create a 45° template). Then, turn all the folded hearts upside down and tape them together, forming a flower with the tips meeting in the centre. Use double-sided tape, but wait to remove the protective paper until the next step. Cut one square from the paper with dots (10x10cm) and one from the gold card (11x11 cm). Now remove the protective paper and apply the "flower" to the white square. Make a hole in the middle of the flower and attach a brad to keep the petals together. Then attach the entire white square to the centre of the gold square with double-sided tape. Last, attach the entire decoration to the card.

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