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Embroider a cushion with big stitches


by Panduro

Embroider a cushion with big stitches

Embroider a cushion with big stitches

How to instructions

Different stitches can look great independently; they don't always have to form a special pattern. Combine different types of yarn and thicknesses for stylish and unique results. METHOD: Cut out two 52x52 cm fabric pieces (for cushion 50x50 cm), 1 cm seam allowance is included. With a self-erasing marker, mark one fabric piece within the lines you want to embroider. We stayed about 5 cm inside the edge. Add variation with several different yarns and embroider different patterns; let your imagination flow freely. Remember to adjust the size of the needle according to the yarn thickness! Attach all threads to the back. Sew the fabric pieces together, right side facing right side, but leave an opening in one side. Turn and fill with wadding or a completed inner cushion. Sew up the opening. If you want to learn how to sew a cushion case with a zipper, look at the PDF below.

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