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Embroider a fluffy cushion


by Panduro

Embroider a fluffy cushion

Embroider a fluffy cushion

How to instructions

  • 1

    Decide how large a cushion you want and adapt the cushion cover so that it is a couple of centimetres small than the actual cushion.

  • 2

    Cut out embroidery cloth for the front side of the cushion cover with 2 cm seam allowance allround.

  • 3

    Use small bowls, saucers or tealights to draw circles on the embroidery cloth using a tailor’s pencil. Create a free abstract pattern with circles that both overlap, and are within, each other.

  • 4

    Tension the fabric that you want to embroider using an embroidery hoop. Thread your punch needle and adjust the length of the needle as instructed on the packaging.

  • 5

    Alternate between embroidering from the front and the back to obtain different effects in the embroidery. When you embroider from the front you get flat stitches and when you embroider from the back you get long yarn loops. Because the stitches are not secured until later, if you make a mistake you can pull out the strands and start again.

  • 6

    Move the embroidery hoop carefully as you embroider until the whole motif is completed.

  • 7

    Brush glue onto the reverse of the motif and glue on cotton fabric as backing. Alternative you can secure the stitches by ironing on a piece of vlieseline.

  • 8

    Cut two overlapping pieces of fabric (like on a pillowcase) for the back of the cushion cover. Fold the two edges that will be the opening for inserting the inner cushion. Place the folded pieces overlapping, with the right side against the embroidery’s front side, and pin in place. Sew around the whole embroidery (a few millimetres in on the embroidery so that the embroidery cloth is not visible in the join). Turn your cushion cover inside out and stuff with a filler cushion!

Do you like embroidering but wish that it could be a bit quicker? Then try embroidery with a punch needle. Punch embroidery is really fast and simple to redo if you aren’t happy with it. You just pull out the strand and start again. You can embroider from both the front and the back to create cool, fluffy 3D effects. The technique is perfect if you want to create your own handicraft and free embroider. In addition you can use up the left over yarn from other projects!

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