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Ethnic pattern vibes


by Panduro

Ethnic pattern vibes

Ethnic pattern vibes

How to instructions

With beautifully patterned fabric in deep hues, you can easily create a wonderfully relaxed vibe for the sofa corner. Cushion cases and stylish seat cushions are easy to sew with our instructions in the PDFs below. And the fabric can be used for so much more than just cushions, for example, you can also make gorgeous pictures. GRAPHIC PICTURE: Stretch the linen around the canvas board and secure with a stapler or hot glue gun. Make a template from paper in the shape of your choice (we used an irregular polygon) and cut it into "cake pieces". Trace and cut out the various "cake pieces" in different fabrics. Spray glue each piece individually on the back and then stick them to the board next to each other. Leave one "cake piece" free from the fabric and embroider it free-hand with a pretty yarn straight through the canvas. ROUND PICTURES: Attach fabric to embroidery hoops for a quick, stylish effect on the wall. Cut a piece of fabric slightly beyond the edge, then glue along the edge to the inside of the ring. Done!

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