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Festive decorative cake


by Panduro

Festive decorative cake

Festive decorative cake

How to instructions

  • 1

    Use two round card boxes in different sizes. Blend white and pink Hobbylack to achieve the desired shade and paint the sides of the boxes.

  • 2

    Cut round holes (about 2 cm in diameter) into the small lid with a scalpel.

  • 3

    Cut out glaze free-hand from white card. Add more if the card doesnt reach all the way around the box. Glue the paper glaze around the edge of both lids.

  • 4

    Place the small box on top of the big one.

  • 5

    Make confetti out of colourful paper using a hole punch. Sprinkle the confetti over the cake.

  • 6

    Roll pieces of A4 paper and poke them into the holes as candles. Cut out little flames from yellow paper and attach to the tops of the rolled paper.

Make a spectacular party decoration in the form of a stately cake that matches your table setting! The candles on the cake are made of A4 paper, and you can write personalised song lyrics on them for the guest of honour. Another idea is to hide gifts inside the cake. Either way, the cake is guaranteed to lend a festive mood to the birthday party, summertime party, confirmation or even a wedding.

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