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Fix up the balcony


by Panduro

Fix up the balcony

Fix up the balcony

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Make your balcony a pleasant, colourful oasis with concrete and plants. Casting concrete is easier than you might think, and it's the perfect activity to do at home in the kitchen or on the balcony. And you don't have to buy a huge sack of concrete; we have a convenient 4 kg package. We also offer many different moulds in which to cast (the amount of concrete required is stated for each mould). Find tips and tricks in our inspiration leaflet below. Plants and concrete look beautiful together and are both fun hobbies! The colourful items on the balcony are pots, a cage and a pitcher, which we spray painted. Remember to varnish (with protective varnish) the bottom and inside of the pots to prevent moisture from seeping through. We applied masking tape to the pitcher before painting it, so it has painted and unpainted areas for a fun effect!

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