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Flowers & cute figures


by Panduro

Flowers & cute figures

Flowers & cute figures

How to instructions

These cute little figures and flowers are super fun to make! METHOD: Start by cutting strips of green tissue paper, which you wrap around metal wire with some glue, creating a flower stem. Then cut an approx. 10x2 cm long strip of yellow tissue paper, for example, and cut fringe into it. Wrap it up and glue it to the top of the metal wire. You have now made the centre of the flower. Next, cut flower petals from tissue paper and attach them one by one around the middle. Overlap them slightly to look more like flower petals. Continue until you feel the flower is big enough. Then cut green leaves and glue them to the stem. The small figures are made with wooden bodies as a frame. Paint and attach metal wire to make antennae. Then cut off pieces from the butterfly wings and attach them to the back of the figure.

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