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Fold a chatterbox


by Panduro

Fold a chatterbox

Fold a chatterbox

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut out a square piece of paper. Tip! Take a sheet of A4 paper and fold it diagonally to make a doubled triangle. Cut away the remnant above the triangle so you have a 21 x 21 cm square.

  • 2

    Fold the square down the middle, from the top down. Now unfold, and then fold the square again from right to left. Unfold the paper again, which now has set of four squares formed by the creasefolds you just made.

  • 3

    Fold each of the corners inwards to the cross at the centre of the paper. Now turn the paper over so the folds are face-down on the table. Fold the corners in towards the centre. Youve now finished folding your paper chatterbox.

  • 4

    Slip a finger inside each corner and squeeze up your chatterbox. Now carefully draw chatterbox features with a pencil while you hold up the chatterbox. That way, you can be sure of drawing the features the right way up. When youre happy with the chatterbox features, unfold the chatterbox and colour it using markers.

  • 5

    Glue eyes on and cut out ears, which you can colour and glue on.

  • 6

    Trim the pointy corners to give your chatterbox a more rounded shape.

  • 7

    You can also glue two of the insides together so that only the mouth/beak shows when you open and close it.

So, how do you make a chatterbox, then? Well, it's not that tricky, and here we give you a step-by-step guide to folding a chatterbox. You may know this as a 'paper fortune teller' but here we transformed it into a fun creature, also known as a 'chatterbox' or 'cootie catcher'. Tip! It's easier to draw your creature if you hold it up.