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Fold Christmas stars!


by Panduro

Fold Christmas stars!

Fold Christmas stars!

How to instructions

The best flowers of Christmas, and they don't even need to be watered! Make them yourself with paper. You can use hobby card or French card, and there are loads of colours from which to choose. The "Paper Folding" leaflet, item number 364156, contains instructions and templates. If you want to try it yourself without the leaflet, the idea is simple. Fold a piece of paper in half; cut out a half petal shape and fold it up accordion-style a little haphazardly. Open it up, and you have a petal. Roll up a sheet of paper (15x7 cm) and glue it together to form a stem, which you will then glue the petals to as you make them. Finish with a few beads as pistils.

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