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Fold paper flowers


by Panduro

Fold paper flowers

Fold paper flowers

How to instructions

Both Canson card and hobby card are excellent for making paper cactuses. Here we have also used a design sheet. For folding projects requiring stiffer card, such as the opuntia, we recommend hobby card. CACTUS: Fold a sheet in half and cut out a cactus. Make five or more identical shapes, folded in the middle, and glue together side by side. Use a Posca pen to draw spines or other fun patterns (before gluing them together). It's super fun and easy to make cactuses, and eventually, you can experiment to create imaginative new variations! THE FOLDED CACTUS is a sheet folded accordion-style and then glued together. Cut the top at an angle and make it any length you like. Because the plants should feel natural, you can be playful and they don't have to be perfect. THE FLOWERS are each made of a long, 2 cm wide strip of crepe paper that has been glued together. Apply a line of glue and secure. Unfold the non-glued side and you have a flower. TIP! You can produce different effects by giving the strip fringe or cutting it unevenly. THE OPUNTIA is made of circular shapes that have been cut free-hand. Cut notches so that you can thread them and glue them to each other. Fill pots with sand and insert your cactuses.

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