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For our little bird friends


by Panduro

For our little bird friends

For our little bird friends

How to instructions

I've been wanting to learn how to cast concrete for a long time, but I thought it seemed hard. But then when I tried it, I realised it's actually pretty easy. I started by making a simple birdbath for my garden using two ice cream boxes in different sizes. I brushed the moulds with olive oil and bought the concrete from Panduro. I mixed the concrete and poured it into the bigger box, then placed the smaller one inside and weighted it down with a heavy stone on top. Then it hardened for a day. I also made the bird with a latex mould. So adorable! I think I'm going to cast a whole flock of birds and place them around the garden. For more inspiration and to learn what I did, see the PDF below. Clara
Idea, text and image: CLARA LIDSTRÖM. This entry is a collaboration between Underbara Clara & Panduro.

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