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Frame your artwork


by Panduro

Frame your artwork

Frame your artwork

How to instructions

A wooden frame will perfectly complete your picture! Here's what we did: Paint a black square in the middle by using masking tape as guidance. Remove the tape and let dry. Then paint the letters white using a stencil. To make it easier to see where the letters will be located, you can trace them first, cut them out, and then place them on the canvas. Paint one letter at a time, dry quickly with a hair dryer and continue with the next letter. Paint with a foam rubber roller. Remember to roll off most of the paint first (for example, on some paper towels); it should almost feel dry. Protect the nearby outer edges and other letters with a post-it note or masking tape (in case you paint there by mistake). When everything is dry, you can gently sand the entire design with sandpaper to create a worn, aged effect. Paint the frame black using the same paint as on the canvas. The canvas is screwed into the wooden frame with the accompanying screws (let the frame dry first).

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