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by Panduro

Freshly painted with an antique look!

Freshly painted with an antique look!

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Panduro Vintage Furniture Paint creates a wonderfully rustic look with visible brush strokes. The paint has a matt, "chalky", scratch-resistant surface. Now also in metallic colours! The glass vases in the picture look a little aged and tarnished, but they are freshly painted. To get them to look like this, we first applied a dark shade of paint (like Antique blue) and let it dry for 2 hours. Then we applied turquoise paint on top, let that dry, and sanded with rough sandpaper to allow the dark underlying shade to emerge. Tip! Run a stearin candle over the surface where you want the dark colour to peek through; it will be easier to sand. Before painting the chest: Wash the furniture with paint surface cleaner to get rid of any grime, and sand the surface for better paint adherence. Use a good brush for painting furniture and work the paint in thoroughly.

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