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Fun greeting card


by Panduro

Fun greeting card

Fun greeting card

How to instructions

  • 1

    Split the sheet down the middle to make a card.

  • 2

    Cut out waves and splash the card with water.

  • 3

    Glue the waves you cut out to the bottom of the card.

  • 4

    Leave the top unglued for inserting the balloon as the whale.

  • 5

    Stick on eyes.

A personally crafted card is sure to thrill the recipient. And its super easy! Make a personalised birthday greeting card. Why not add a cute whale? To make this card, you need: round eyes, Quick Glue kids, a multicoloured design pad and white balloons. Start by splitting a sheet down the middle and folding it to make card. Cut out waves and water splashes free-hand or traced first. Glue the bottom of the waves to the bottom edge of the card front. Leave the wave crests unglued. You'll be inserting your balloon here to look like a whale. Stick eyes onto the whale using glue. TIP! As an added surprise, you can stuff a secret message inside the balloon. And don't forget a nice envelope

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