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by Panduro

Get your hobby horse ready for Christmas

Get your hobby horse ready for Christmas

How to instructions

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    How to make the hobby horse’s eyes: Glue on glittery glass eyes. Cut out half-moons from hobby felt, and glue them above and below the eyes as eyelids. Sew the edges of the eyelids in place so that they frame the eyes. Felt a little wool around the eyelids, if you like. Glue on lashes. Keep in mind that the tip of the hot glue gun gets very hot.

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    Cut out a white felt blanket. Our horse has a blaze. Attach the blaze with a felting needle. To needle felt, poke the felting needle up and down through the wool, into the horse’s stuffing, which will felt the wool in place. Keep in mind that the felting needle is very sharp.

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    How to make the hobby horse’s mane: Cut approx. 50 cm long pieces of yarn. Tie a knot at either end of a piece of yarn. Sew one end between the horse’s ears and the other end to the base of the neck. Then tie the rest of the yarn, piece by piece, to the sewn-on piece of yarn. Once all the pieces of yarn have been tied on, sew the mane to the horse. Make fringe by tying pieces of yarn between the ears.

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    Untwist the yarn to make the mane full and curly.

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    Dress the horse in a Santa hat, a Santa blanket, and the snow-white bridle.

Of course you should dress up your hobby horse for Christmas! Especially if it’s going to take part in any holiday events, or help Santa deliver gifts. Add charming little bells to the hood and bridle to spread the festive sound of jingling bells when you ride your hobby horse. This hobby horse’s mane also has reflective yarn in it, so that it’s visible in the dark – beautiful and functional.

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