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Get your hobby horse ready for competition


by Panduro

Get your hobby horse ready for competition

Get your hobby horse ready for competition

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    How to make eyes for your hobby horse: Cut out hobby felt to make eyes. Glue and sew them on. Felt the wool details around the eyes by sticking a felting needle up and down through the wool, into the horse-s stuffing, which will felt the wool in place. Glue on lashes and a decorative stone as a pupil. You can also draw pupils with a white Posca pen.

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    How to make a mane for your hobby horse: Cut about 50 cm long pieces of two different light-coloured yarns. Tie a knot at either end of a piece of yarn, and then sew one end between the horse-s ears, and the other to the base of the neck. Then tie individual pieces of yarn to the piece you-ve just sewn on to the horse. Once all of the yarn is tied on, sew the mane to the horse. Make fringe by tying pieces of yarn between the ears.

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    Braid the mane: Divide the mane into sections. Braid each section separately, fold the braid into a bun, and secure it with a rubber band bow.

Are you ready for your hobby horse competition? This Isabelline horse can't wait to show what it can do out in the competition ring! Before a competition or training, or any time you want to give your four-legged friend a little extra pizzazz, you can make beautiful braids. And if you plan to compete in dressage, it's important to braid your horse's mane so that the neck is visible. That way, the judges can see your horse in action without being distracted by a big, thick mane. At a competition, buns like the ones we've made here are most common. We recommend a glue gun for gluing, but bear in mind that the tip gets very hot.

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