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by Panduro

Give a stool a new look!

Give a stool a new look!

How to instructions

  • 1

    Clean the stool with paint surface cleaner and sand if needed

  • 2

    Stir the paint

  • 3

    Apply thin coats of paint and let dry for 1-2 hours between each coat

  • 4

    Let the stool dry for 2 days before using it

It's always smart to have extra seating in the form of stools when playing with Legos, painting with watercolours or throwing a party. Give old and new stools alike a unique new look with a little paint and tape. We painted the stools with Panduro Vintage Paint (Antique Pink, Soft Black, Stone). Prepare the stools by cleaning them with Panduro Furniture paint surface cleaner. See if they need to be sanded to help the new paint adhere better. Use sandpaper and a sanding sponge. To achieve the sharp lines, we used masking tape. Let your creativity flow and use the tape to make your own patterns to paint. Give each stool its own unique style for a super cheerful look!

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