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Glitter paint your shoes


by Panduro

Glitter paint your shoes

Glitter paint your shoes

How to instructions

That's glitter paint with a big G! You'll really get your glitter on, and it works on most fabrics. The colour is transparent, but the actual glitter is even visible on dark surfaces. Here, we used blue glitter paint on a blue shoe. Remove the shoelaces. Paint clean, dry shoes; do not apply paint to the rubber parts. Leave to dry. Fix the paint with a hairdryer for 5 minutes, one side at a time. If you've painted clothing, the paint should be fixed for 5 minutes with an iron set to cotton; iron from the back. P.S. check out the pendant on the shoelace; awesome, right? Our assortment has several glitter paints to choose from, and even more CharmTastic pendants.

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