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by Panduro

Halloween for those who dare!

Halloween for those who dare!

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cast a skull.

  • 2

    Mix the stone plaster.

  • 3

    Pour into a latex mould. Let dry.

  • 4

    Add black details.

  • 5

    Attach a pillar candle with FixCandle glue to the top of the creepy skull.

If you want a truly terrifying tablescape for Halloween, we have just what you need for your party. Some items are ready to go, while others are made by you, such as the skull. Make it by casting stone plaster in a latex mould. The hands are cast with alginate; when they're done, detail some areas with black Hobbylack. We used FixCandle glue to hold the stearin candles in place. The candles are decorated with effect wax for texture. A ghost hovers in the background. It is simply a polystyrene head over which we've draped a piece of white tulle. Don't forget the details when setting the table: spider webs, skeleton parts and other ghastly finishing touches. After all, the details create that extra gruesome feel. In our assortment, we have skeletons, spiders, spider webs, pillar candles, black moss and loads of other scary supplies. The list below includes what we used.