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HAMA bead headband


by Panduro

HAMA bead headband

HAMA bead headband

How to instructions

Decorate your headband with a pretty beaded pattern! First wrap a satin ribbon around the entire headband and secure with a little glue at each end. Then arrange a pattern with tube beads in colours you like; they will be melted together. Ask an adult to help you melt the beads together with an iron. You will need ironing paper (or baking paper, but that can burn to the beads) between the beads and the iron when ironing. The beads will be perfectly melted after just a few seconds on the cotton setting. Let the bead design cool a bit, but before it cools completely and hardens, remove it from the pegboard. Place it on the headband (where you want it to be) and mould it with your hand; hold in place until it cools completely. This way, the design will be moulded to fit the headband and it will be easy to attach with a glue gun. This can also be done with ordinary craft glue, it will just take slightly longer to dry.

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