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Hand lettering is fun!


by Panduro

Hand lettering is fun!

Hand lettering is fun!

How to instructions

Sketch out the letters with a pencil first, then fill them in with ink. Here, we used a thin Posca pen in black. Decorate with patterns inside the letters; use a Drawing Pen. Done! We started with a simple watercolour; apply watercolour paint all over the paper and let dry. Then draw the letters on top. If you want to test as you go, you can cut out the letters in paper and move them around to see how they will look first and then trace them. If you want to use a ruler, make sure it has a bevelled edge on one side. Use the bevelled side when filling in with Posca to keep the final result clean (have the bevelled portion facing downwards). But it can still be smart to wipe off the ruler occasionally.

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