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Here's what you need for your bullet journal


by Panduro

Here's what you need for your bullet journal

Here's what you need for your bullet journal

How to instructions

  • 1

    Planner or notebook: Because the book is the base

  • 2

    Highlighter: To mark and colour

  • 3

    Graphite and/or mechanical pencil: To sketch and create

  • 4

    Stickers/paper clips: Because every BuJo needs beautiful details

  • 5

    Pencil sharpener: So that you always have a sharp pencil at the ready

Drawing up plans and projects is easy and creative with a bullet journal. And everything begins by making sure you have the right pens and pencils. Once you've chosen a planner, notebook or notepad that matches your style, it's time to choose your pens and pencils. But what do you need? Here are a few tools that should be in every bullet journal-keeper's pencil case: A highlighter for highlighting and marking important items. Pencils and mechanical pencils, because you need to be able to erase and make changes in your bullet journal along the way. Fineliners will help you with beautiful details when creating artwork in your bullet journal, and a ballpoint pen, because everyone needs a ballpoint pen for writing. PS! Don't forget stickers, paper clips and a pencil sharpener. If you're always prepared, you can use your BuJo everywhere you go.

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