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Hobby felt & flower power


by Panduro

Hobby felt & flower power

Hobby felt & flower power

How to instructions

Do you immediately think of preschool and kids' crafts when you hear the words hobby felt? It's time to think again! You can use hobby felt to make beautiful interior design details. We've made a flower picture. METHOD: cut out flower petals in various sizes and sew or glue them together. Gently pull on the felt to give it an uneven, more natural appearance. Cut out circles in various sizes for the centre of the flower and place them on top of one another; sew on beads as pistils. Take a piece of felt, about 30x10 cm, and fold it in half (30x5 cm), then cut 4-cm long notches from the folded edge at 1 cm intervals. Coil together and sew or glue the ends. We cut out the leaves from green felt and sewed on veins with a sewing machine.

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