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How to make a bullet journal


by Panduro

How to make a bullet journal

How to make a bullet journal

How to instructions

  • 1

    Set a goal for what you want your BuJo to be about

  • 2

    Start sketching the content based on your needs

  • 3

    Use a Twin Brush to emphasise the details in your BuJo

  • 4

    Use stencils as templates to create shapes

  • 5

    Decorate your BuJo with beautiful stickers, cut-out pictures and tape.

There is no right or wrong way to write or draw in your BuJo. If something doesn't turn out like you planned, simply cover it up with a nice sticker or a pretty piece of tape. A dotted journal, like the one we've used, makes it easier to write and draw because the dotted pages provide guidelines for your lines. In our BuJo, we've also used stencils as templates to create circles and other shapes with ease. We wrote the text with Twin Brush pens, which have one brush tip and one fine tip. We've emphasised the outlines by filling them in with a thin black marker, and then we coloured with coloured pencils. Your bullet journal could be about absolutely anything you want - your dreams, goals, plans or just things that make you happy. Let your imagination run wild!

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