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by Panduro

How to make a hobby horse

How to make a hobby horse

How to instructions

  • 1

    Attach pieces of felt and Nepal Wool to the frame with a felting technique

  • 2

    Cut out felt eyes, glue them in place and draw a white dot on each eye with a pen

  • 3

    To make the mane, attach one knot between the ears and the other to the horses neck

  • 4

    Attach pieces of yarn between the ears to create fringe

  • 5

    Add decorative stones to the bridle

Make your very own, unique hobby horse for competitions with your friends! All you need to begin is a brown hobby horse frame. For this adorable hobby horse, we used wool and we felted details onto the horse. You will need: universal glue, Molly yarn (white), felting needles and a felting mat, hobby felt (white, black) and decorative stones. To begin, cut out pieces of felt, arrange them on the horse and felt them in place with the felting needle. Add the rest of the details by felting pieces of Nepal Wool in place. Cut out eyes from black felt and glue them in place. Then felt wool around them. Add a dot in each eye with a white Posca pen. You will need black yarn to make the mane. Cut pieces of yarn (about 50 cm long). Take a piece of yarn and tie knots at either end, then sew one knot between the ears and the other lower down on the horse's neck. Now tie on pieces of yarn one by one. Once all of the pieces are tied on, sew the mane in place. Make the fringe by tying pieces of yarn and attaching them between the ears. Untwist the yarn to make the mane curly. For an extra personal touch, we've glued decorative stones to the black bridle. Decorate your hobby horse however you like, for a unique and personal style.

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