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by Panduro

How to make earrings with rocaille beads

How to make earrings with rocaille beads

How to instructions

  • 1

    String beads in bright spring colours (or your favourite colours, if you prefer) onto several pieces of jewellery thread.

  • 2

    Then glue (or sew) all of the strings of beads onto a piece of felt and roll up to form a tassel. You can also arrange all the bead strings together in an end cap and then secure a piece of felt around it.

  • 3

    Secure an earring hook at the top.

  • 4

    Next, string beads onto a piece of copper wire long enough to wrap it around the piece of felt; when the entire piece is covered, your tassel pendant is finished.

  • 5

    Repeat the steps to make the other earring.

Make fabulous tassel pendants with rocaille beads and wear them as beautiful earrings! Watch the video to see what to do.

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